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Green Features

Mobious Foundation under their mission to “encourage, educate and adopt practices with preserve the ecosystem” is constructing a Green School in line with the Platinum standard of Indian Green Building Council’s Green School rating system. The founders of the school have envisioned building a school with passive design features using low energy materials, optimized use of energy and water sources and effective operation and maintenance parameters. They are also promoting green education and use of organic materials for housekeeping. The adopted green building concept in the school goes well with the organization’s vision statement, i.e. towards securing a livable planet for future generations.

The school is located in Atrauli Village which is far from Delhi’s urban climate influence. Yet the school management has decided to enhance the school campus’ microclimate by reducing hard areas and increasing green cover. Top soil is preserved during construction to reuse for landscaping.

rooftop Solar PV generation unit with xx kWp of electricity capacity is proposed to meet xx% of the building’s electricity needs directly from solar energy. Energy efficient fans, lighting fixtures, computers and other equipments are considered to minimize the energy consumption of the school.

Efficient building envelop is designed with heat resistant wall and roof and shaded windows to minimize the heat gain in the occupied spaces. Optimum operable areas are provisioned for proper cross ventilation to enhance the thermal comfort of students. The building is designed to be well day-lighted and interconnected with the outer environment.
Reuse of water through sewage treatment plant and rainwater harvesting is planned through recharge wells. Water efficient fixtures are used to minimize the water consumption.

Reduce, reuse and recycle policy is planned for the waste management resource recovery. Non-volatile or low volatile organic compound materials are selected to be used for achieving a better indoor environment quality.

The ecological footprint is minimized due to the sensible selection of building materials and the use locally sourced materials. The use of burnt brick is limited. The scrap materials will be used in creative ways to reduce waste.  The overall effort is in line with achieving the goal of sustainable development.